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Goodbye Rhinos: Goodbye Planet Earth

We’re about to witness the imminent extinction of our planet’s last three Northern White Rhinos. Scientists say that rhinos play a crucial role in maintaining balance in the world’s fragile ecosystem. When they die, we do too.

Gillie and Marc are famous monumental sculpture artists embarking on the biggest rhino conservation project through art that the world has ever seen, and installing it in Astor Place in the heart of New York City.

They will be creating the BIGGEST RHINO SCULPTURE IN THE WORLD titled, The Last Three to build a legacy for the last three Northern White Rhinos and save the world from extinction. This sculpture will be used to raise awareness and gather one million goodbye messages from the world. Gillie and Marc will then take these messages and use them as petition to stop the poaching trade. Leave your goodbye message or check out all the other amazing rewards to help us SAVE THE RHINOS.

Gillie and Marc, the husband-and-wife artistic duo refuse to see these magnificent lives go in vain, and need your help to prevent history from repeating itself.

A rhino horn is worth more than its weight in gold or diamonds, and to some people money is worth more than a life.

Because of this, only three Northern White Rhinos remain and within a few years this beautiful species will be lost forever!

The Last Three will be a recreation of the last three northern white rhinos. Sudan, Najin and Fatu will live on as life-size bronze sculptures so that they can raise critical awareness that will save other members of the species from falling to their same fate. Gillie and Marc will add one unique poignant detail to the sculpture: the rhino horns will be painted with striking gold patina. This will draw attention to the illegal value of rhino horns, and ultimately the cause of death to the species.

The artists are so passionate about this project that they are putting $150,000 of their own money into creating The Last Three.

Gillie, Marc, Sudan, Najin and Fatu need your help in raising the other $50,000 necessary for completing the installation. Join us in uniting the world to save the rhinos.

Become a part of the Goodbye Rhino community - tell a friend, help build the sculpture, share the hashtag #GoodbyeRhinos, and/or donate today and together we can create a legacy of the last white rhinos to save other rhinos from extinction!

One of the most important steps towards rhino conservation and saving the planet is public awareness. Rhinos need the public to know what’s happening to them, so more people can join the cause on their behalf.

The scope, location, and aesthetic of The Last Three lends itself to drawing widespread media and public attention.

The sculpture will be situated in Astor Place, where every three months five million people pass through! With the sculpture fueling public intrigue in the area, this number is likely to increase in size, reaching or even exceeding 20 million people!

The team at Gillie and Marc will be working with press, corporate sponsors and known celebrities to incite further attention for The Last Three until news about the art organically flourishes, protecting rhinos across the globe and saving the planet.

“Public art speaks to everyone regardless of their language” - Gillie and Marc

Placement of the sculpture The Last Three in New York will generate a huge amount of interactivity via the on-site prompts including an information plaque, but also the sculpture will have the element of touch - providing anyone with the ability to really connect with the project.

Photo sharing will allow everyone to show their support and boost awareness for The Last Three. In the world of social media there are no limits to the amount of exposure we can bring to bring an immediate end to poaching of these beautiful creatures.


Our goal from this project is to complete a petition comprising of 1 million 'Goodbye Rhino' messages.

This list of messages will be used to petition the Chinese and Vietnamese Governments to ban the use of rhino horn in their countries. Helping reduce the value of rhino horn and ultimately saving future species from the wrath of poachers and risk of extinction.


Our pledge goal to complete this project is $50,000 (AUD). Any funds raised beyond this amount will go towards re-creating the sculpture in every major city across the world, extending awareness far beyond any city boundary and allowing the world to host their very own supporting project.

 If you would like more images of the rewards please feel free to email us at studio@gillieandmarc.com.

Gillie and Marc are international contemporary artists who have collaborated to create art as one for over 26 years.

Before becoming parents Gillie and Marc were intrepid travelers who decided to settle down in New York to raise their family. Their first New York art exhibition was in 1996 and since then they have had both sculptures and paintings displayed in various New York galleries and public spaces including DUMBO, Brooklyn and Greenwich Village.

Gillie and Marc are also keen conservationists who have raised thousands of dollars for rhino conservation. They have a shared connection with wild animals through their individual experiences in Africa. The staggering number of animals on the brink of extinction is a constant driver for the artists to create art that saves them.

Gillie and Marc travelled to Kenya in March 2017 to the Ol Pejeta Conservancy (the second largest conservancy in Kenya with around 90,000 acres) to share time with the last three surviving Northern White Rhinos in the world.

These 3 Northern White Rhinoceroses are guarded 24 hours a day to protect them from poaching, which is a major problem for rhinoceroses. The protection includes horn-imbedded transmitters, watchtowers, fences, drones, guard dogs, and trained armed guards around the clock.

 Previous successful crowdfunding projects

Gillie and Marc have successfully crowdfunded two incredible projects. Last year they created Shandu, the Buried Rhino for Sculpture by the Sea in Sydney, the world’s largest outdoor sculpture exhibition while also raising tens of thousands of dollars for rhino charity. The sculpture was a crowd-favourite and took out two prestigious people’s choice awards.

“I pledged to Gillie and Marc because I care about art and conservation. I received my reward in a very timely manner. Gillie and Marc really do deliver on what they promise.” – Emma Salkild

The rhino, and the world, needs you. Please help save them!

See more at www.goodbyerhinos.org


Gillie and Marc

To learn more about Astor Place visit - http://astorplace.nyc/

Risks and challenges

Gillie and Marc were told that Sudan only has 2 years to live and so this project has to happen now if he is to live out the rest of his life in peace.

There is also a risk that Gillie and Marc won't get enough Goodbye Messages to double up as a petition to create real change within the Chinese and Vietnamese governments.

The biggest challenge the artists face is that they won't have enough funds to embark on this crucial life-changing project.

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